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365The Joy of Christmas


Celebrate the joy of books with Christmas books from around the world. Each regional Christmas book displays traditional and historical information about the origins of Christmas. Buy Christmas books from World Book Encyclopedias and bring the world’s Christmas traditions to your living room every year. We also have some Christmas storybook for kids and families.


Christmas Around the World


Throughout the world, families celebrate Christmas accoring to their regional cultur and tradition. Certain traditions, however, have become wide-spread, and are enjoyed by people of various nations. World Book’s Christmas around the world collection details the traditional customs of many of the most influential regions of the world. Learn how Christmas is celebrated throughout Europe, the Americas, parts of Asia, and the holy land and give your family something to share over the holidays.


Christmas Traditions and Customs


Why is Christmas celebrated? Why do we decorate Christmas trees? The charming books about Christmas feature traditional Christmas foods, Christmas markets, beautiful illustrations, fun traditional crafts ideas, and songs with lyrics to beloved Christmas carols. Best of all, each Christmas book from around the world can be shared with kids or adults. Buy Christmas books from World Book and bring a new family tradition into your home today.


Christmas Around the World Series:


Christmas in the 1700 and 1800''s Book Christmas in Holland
Christmas in the 1700 and 1800's Set Christmas in Italy and Vatican City
Christmas in America's Capital Christmas in Mexico

Christmas in Austria and its Capital, Vienna          

Christmas in Paris and the Provinces
Christmas in Belgium Christmas in the Philippines
Christmas in Britain Christmas in Puerto Rico
Christmas on the Emerald Isle Christmas in Scotland
Christmas in Europe Christmas in Spain
Christmas in Finland Christmas in Russia
Christmas in Germany Christmas in the Ukraine
Christmas in Greece


Other Great Christmas Books by World Book Encyclopedia:


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Christmas Picture Puzzles

Celebrations and Rituals Set 1

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Christmas in the Holy Land

'Twas the Night Before Christmas

The Treasury of Christmas Stories