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Childcraft Books Set



World Book’s Childcraft series, each volume focuses on a different topic of interest to children. The books can be read by an adult to younger children, enjoyed by older children able to read on their own, and used as reference sources by older children yet. World Book has seven sets of childcraft books.


World Book Childcraft Books Set


Childcraft Books Set SpecialHow and Why LibraryEndangered and Extinct Animals in the WorldBooks about dogs for kids


Childcraft Special Set

Childcraft Special Set includes five books: Heroes and Helpers, Insects and Spiders, Inventors and Inventions, Stories to Share and World Adventure.

Childcraft Set

How and Why library

How and why library Childcraft includes 12 books about arts, plants, universe, earth, human body, history of different countries and other interesting subjects.

Childcraft Book

Code Red: Animals in Peril

This richly illustrated, 208-page volume animals book introduced a variety of extinct and endangered animals in the world.


Childcraft Book

 Dogs, from Woofs to Wags

This dog childcraft book explains how dogs came to play an important role in people’s lives; what breeds of dogs there are; and what people need to do to properly take care of their dogs.


Tales around the world Tales of MisteryBrain Games Kids Childcraft Native North American

Childcraft Book

Tales Through Time

Tales Through Time begins with a tale story about Beowulf, the hero of a classic Anglo-Saxon poem. It includes folk tales in different countries around the world. Best story books for kids!

Childcraft Book

Tales of Mystery and the Unknown

It begins with a look at monster mysteries. From Nessie, the Loch Ness monster, to Bigfoot, this book examines sightings of the creatures and the possible scientific explanations for them.

Childcraft Book

Brain Games

Brain Games begins with such simple puzzles as mazes, matching like objects, and finding hidden objects in pictures. It challenges children to think about words, numbers, and shapes in different ways and to solve problems.

Childcraft Book

Native North American

Part of World Book's Childcraft series, Native North Americans explores the world of the native peoples of North America through stories, games, and colorful illustations. 


Reviews of Childcraft Books Set:




“The set has a distinctly international feeling to it, which was the intent of the publisher. By reading the volumes young students will learn to appreciate many cultures around the world. The writing is written in a child-friendly manner and the topics have been selected based on school curriculum as well as what children typically find interesting.”


-- American Reference Books Annual 2011