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World Book Advanced


World Book Advanced is a powerful reference tool designed to meet the needs and skills of high school and college students. It is loaded with information and features that will help students perform their research. The site features the entire World Book Encyclopedia, an atlas, a dictionary, and local and country research guides. World Book Advanced integrates all primary and secondary source databases plus e-books in a single search.

World Book Advanced has thousands of complete e-books and primary sources to help students with their research. The e-books include full-text English-language versions in the areas of fiction and nonfiction, as well as books in Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Latin, Flemish, and Portuguese.

Primary sources have become an important part of many social studies curriculums. Primary sources help bring history to life by giving students a glimpse of what life was like during the period being studied. Primary sources are documents created during the time period studied or well after in the form of memoirs and oral histories. Those on World Book Advanced include official documents, letters, books, speeches, articles, records, interviews, and images.

One of the unique research tools on World Book Advanced is the Citation Builder. This tool helps students cite their sources correctly. Citations are provided in MLA, APA, and Harvard formats. My Research is designed to allow users to create a private profile to save and track their research.

Learn more about World Book Advanced on the World Book Web Training Site.

Learn more about how World Book aligns to Common Core standards!

World Book also offers websites for kids!

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Key Features

  • Research tools include dictionary, atlas, local and country research guides, and more
  • Create and save personal reserach content, including notes, citations, and timelines
  • Search all encyclopedic, multimedia, periodical, e-book, literary critcism, and primary source databases in a single search, or use image serach to focus on the site's rich multimedia features
  • Most-viewed articles and primary sources, displayed for your account, are udpated constantly
  • Timeline builder
  • Shared pathfinders
  • Citation builder in MLA, APA, and Harvard formats
  • Correlations to academic content standards
  • Lexile measures (selected articles)

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“Overall, World Book Advanced is an outstanding resource that every school must consider…It is easy to navigate, customize and find relevant information. World Book provides excellent online tutorials, continuous updates and brilliant graphics and photos to provide a thoroughly enjoyable research experience…Highly recommended.”

Catholic Library World, Sept. 2011


"Where was this kind of resource when I was in school? This product is great. I highly recommend that schools subscribe to this package of reliable resources that can be searched, read, and used to enhance student writing and learning."

- Multimedia & Internet@Schools


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