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Digital Library - Inventions and Discoveries


World Book’s Inventions and Discoveries Digital Library offers an online, interactive complement to the popular print set. The Digital Library features all the content from the print set as well as videos and animations, interactive activities, science and social studies curriculum correlations.


Titles in this series explore a fascinating collection of objects and ideas that have changed how we live today. This 12-volume set will satisfy the curiosity of any child wishing to learn about the invention of both transformative and everyday items, from the steam engine to the toothbrush. The content corresponds to science and social studies curriculums for grades 3-9.


Each section is organized chronologically within a subject area to show the progression of inventions and discoveries that have advanced civilization. The volumes include Agriculture, Architecture and Engineering, The Arts, Astronomy, Communication, Economics, Industry and Manufacturing, Mathematics, Medicine, Personal and Household Items, Transportation, and Warfare. Each topic introduces the historical background and cultural significance of each invention or discovery and discusses the science behind it.


The sections include fun facts, sidebars, and biographies of famous inventors and professionals. The site also includes a translation tool that generates content in 30 languages, an English text-to-speech feature, video tutorials and animations, interactive Flash activities, printable materials for continued learning, and correlations to states and provincial standards.


Learn more about World Book's Digital Libraries on the World Book Web Training Site.


World Book also offers a large selection of printed materials for school assistance, such as a student dictionary.

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Key Features

  • Easy-to-read content that helps students understand core curriculum topics
  • Translation tool generates content in 30 languages
  • English text-to-speech feature allows students to hear text read aloud
  • Video tutorials and animations help visual learners grasp difficult concepts
  • Printable materials for classrooms
  • Correlations to state and provincial standards

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“Although not more detailed than other World Book encyclopedic content, the presentation, organization, and unique scope in a browsable format sets this digital library apart....The inventive online interface is most impressive and sets a new expectation for online reference browsing—coffee table style."

- American Reference Books Annual, 2011



"These digital libraries are easy to navigate, thorough, and well illustrated. The entries have a number of very helpful options available to readers, located in a Tool box, such as the ability to have the articles read aloud or translated into a number of languages, including French, Italian, and Dutch. ...These online versions of print sets offer users valuable features that take advantage of technology to truly enhance and build upon the print version."

- Library Media Connection Nov./ Dec. 2009


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