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World Book Student



World Book Student is a comprehensive site that includes a collection of content, features, and tools specifically developed to make online knowledge accessible and easy to integrate into lesson planning. It is loaded with information and features that will help students perform their research. The site features the entire World Book Encyclopedia with high-interest content written at the age appropriate level that engages students. World Book Student has now been optimized for your iPad as well!


student encyclopedia ipad 

 World Book Student features a Biography Center that offers easy access to information on important people. Its user-friendly interface allows students to search and select biographies based upon time period, gender, field of interest, nationality, and more.


One of the unique research tools on World Book Student is the Timeline Builder. World Book’s Timelines allow users to explore the greatest events from history with a new, easy-to-use interface. Browse World Book’s timelines on curriculum topics, customize timelines with additional events and media, and create custom timelines from scratch with this powerful interactive tool. 


To aid in student research, individual accounts can be created and saved to. There is also a “How to Do Research” feature that helps aid develop critical information literacy skills.


Learn more about World Book Student on the World Book Web Training Site.


Learn more about how World Book aligns to Common Core Standards.


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Key Features

  • High-interest content written at the appropriate grade level for students
  • Correlated to state and provincial standards in support of instructional goals
  • Integrates easily with federated search systems
  • Ideal for use with interactive whiteboards
  • Lexile measures (selected articles)

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Readability Studies


“World Book Student’s depth, relevancy and ease of use make it an outstanding resource for elementary research….The outstanding articles, interactive features, and quality graphic and audio components are precisely what elementary and middle school students need to help them focus their research and find engaging, relevant information. World Book has taken the time to make sure the articles are written at a level appropriate for the intended audience, thus students can easily comprehend the information and need not struggle to read articles written for older students or adults….Highly recommended.”

Catholic Library World, Sept. 2011


“A newly added feature are Lexile measures on selected articles, which will help librarians and teachers ensure that students are reading articles based on their reading level. Simple language, basic facts, and appropriate photographs and images make World Book Student a fine source to introduce students to the organization, presentation, and usefulness of an online encyclopedia.”

American Reference Book Annual 2011


“World Book Student named one of the "Twenty Best Bets for Student Researchers: 2009." Gr. 6–8. The new version of World Book Online Reference Center includes all of the articles from the print versions of the World Book Encyclopedia plus additional features designed to help students learn to do research.”

Booklist, September 2009


“World Book Student is easy to use and well designed for the target age group.” A good choice for school and public libraries.”

Booklist, March 2009


“World Book Student is the new name for the redesigned and upgraded version of the World Book Online Reference Center. The site offers all of the articles from the print version of the World Book Encyclopedia, a Biography Center, a dictionary, an atlas, an extensive multimedia collection, links to thousands of editor-selected websites, interactive features, and new and enhanced research capabilities. The online teacher resources include correlations to curriculum standards and assistance for lesson planning and designing research projects for students. Report Card Overall Rating: * * * * * Installation A; Content/Features A; Ease of Use A; Product Support A."

Multimedia & Internet@Schools, March 2009

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