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Dramatic Learning

Dramatic Learning

World Book’s Dramatic Learning Web site expands proven approaches to building reading fluency and content comprehension. By turning texts into original plays, skits, and monologues; providing adaptations of classic works; and showing how to apply these materials in the classroom, Dramatic Learning helps children become more fluent readers, understand core concepts, and internalize content.


Reader’s theater, in which actors read through a script together without memorizing lines, is a powerful tool for developing reading skills and reading fluency in children, as well as an important means of helping children learn and retain concepts. Each play functions as a catalyst to engage children in learning, encouraging them to pursue further research and exploration long after the performance is over.

Dramatic Learning includes plays that cover selected topics in history, adaptations of selected classical plays, plays based on Aesop’s most popular fables, and adaptations of some of the most widely read and performed of Shakespeare’s plays. All plays are written at approximately a fourth through sixth grade reading level, but can be adapted for use by children of all ages.

In addition to plays and reader’s theater, Dramatic Learning includes a step-by-step guide with video tutorials, vocabulary exercises to improve comprehension and reading fluency, writing activities to help children generate their own mini-scripts, research projects, and a dictionary. Editable versions of each play allow for further differentiation and customization.


Learn more about Dramatic Learning on the World Book Web Training Site.


Learn more about how World Book aligns to Common Core Standards.

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Scope and Sequence

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Key Features

  • Original scripts, skits, monologues, and adaptations of classics
  • A step-by-step guide with video tutorials makes Dramatic Learning easy and accessible
  • Vocabulary exercises improve comprehension
  • Writing activities help students generate their own mini-scripts
  • Mini-inquiry research projects
  • One-click dictionary builds vocabulary
  • Standards-based, differentiated learning
  • Links to related encyclopedia content and editor-selected websites
  • Curriculum correlations
  • Assessment rubrics
  • Printable programs and posters
  • Editable versions of each play allow for further differentiation and customization
  • Collection of videos that show students and teachers using Dramatic Learning in theclassroom

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    “This unique resource will be a much-used resource in most school libraries. It is a rich resource that will provide teachers and librarians the opportunities to bring drama into their classroom instruction. This resource is highly recommended.”

    American Reference Book Annual 2011


    “Teachers can easily incorporate the plays, lessons and research activities into existing subject areas with a new way to engage the learners, a proven method for improving fluency and comprehension. Highly recommended for teachers of grades 1-12.”

    Catholic Library World, Sept. 2011


    “World Book's Dramatic Learning provides on-site, on-demand access to curriculum-based content that allows students and teachers the opportunity to incorporate the arts into the classroom throughout the year. Through the product's easy-to-use interface and fully-developed instructional material, educators can quickly incorporate these creative lessons into the curriculum for students in upper elementary through middle school. As one of the more creative digital resources, allowing educators to incorporate the missing elements of art and drama into their classrooms, World Book's Dramatic Learning deserves a standing ovation--and an A+ score.”

    School Library Journal, 9/1/2010


    “…a rich resource that provides many opportunities to bring dramatic performance into your instruction.”

    Library Media Connection, May/June 2010



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