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Activity Corner

Activity Corner is a fun new site that features thousands of creative and educational projects perfect as classroom activities or home activities. Whether you are looking for a painting project for a classroom of eleven-year-olds kids, a Christmas decoration to create with your three-year -old kids at home, or a fancy autumn wreath you can make yourself, you will find it in Activity Corner.

Activity Corner offers a variety of ways to search for suitable creative activities, including searching by holidays, age range, and cost of materials. You can find what you need by using keywords or drop-down menus, or simply browse through project lists to find something that interests you or your child. Projects and activities come with complete instructions, and nearly all include photos or drawings to illustrate how they are done. A list of materials also accompanies each activity, for ease of preparation. Activities range from simple projects, such as making fresh lemonade with young children, to more complex creative projects such as putting together a scrapbook. Adult activities include home décor creations such as candle rings and holiday garland, as well as a variety of knitting projects. Classroom activity instructors, as well as busy parents looking for rainy-day home activities, will appreciate the option to search for projects based on the time required to complete them.

The Activity Corner site offers an easy and versatile way to find exciting and educational creative projects for classroom or home. Projects are curriculum-coordinated for alignment with state and provincial standards. And when you find a great project, you can share it with others through the World Book Activity Corner community.

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Key Features

  • Activities suitable for a wide range of student skill levels, ages, and educator instructional goals
  • Complete instructions with illustrative images
  • List of materials that enables students to pull together necessary items quickly
  • How To section that shares tips on completing various types of activities
  • Ability to share projects with the World Book Activity Corner community
  • Curriculum correlations for alignment to state and provincial standards
  • Flexible search function enables educators to quickly pinpoint suitable activities out of the thousands available
  • Browsable categories for pinpointing activities by materials, cost, time needed, and more

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