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"An engaging and captivating educational game...Highly Recommended."

Library Media Connection, January/February 2012

link to app  Do you know which animals can detach their limbs to escape a predator's attack, which species have been launched into space, and the identity of the extinct mammal that scientists believe they may one day be able to clone and bring back to life? Delve into the fascinating World of Animals -- World Book's extraordinary educational app that gives kids of all ages engaging opportunities to explore, compare, rank, and quiz themselves on their favorite animals. This interactive app features hundreds of stunning pictures, videos and animal sounds, quick facts, encyclopedia articles, a captivating educational game, and more.


World Book's World of Animals iPad App is available in the Apple iTunes Store.




World of Animals excites learners with fun, factual information and rich multimedia on their favorite animals, from monkeys, giraffes, and penguins, to lesser-known creatures including axolotls, sugargliders, and wetas. Not to mention prehistoric animals and dinosaurs! Kids can browse the stunning gallery of animals, search for animals by name, or filter their favorites by category. Each animal gets its own profile page, featuring multimedia and quick facts about the animal's habitat, size, diet, lifespan, and conservation status along with fun facts, such as a honey bee's "waggle dance", the length of time a cockroach can live without its head, and what makes a flamingo chick's gray feathers turn pink.


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What's the difference between an alligator and a crocodile? A gorilla and an orangutan? What about a tiger and a saber-toothed cat? Kids take their understanding of animals further by analyzing the differences and similarities between animal species using the World of Animals simple but powerful compare tool.

Which animals can live more than 100 years? What animal moves even slower than a tortoise? What is the largest animal that has ever lived? (Hint: It's not a dinosaur!) Rank animals to see how they stack up against each other in terms of weight, height, length, lifespan, land speed, and more. Order the animals from highest to lowest (or lowest to highest) and link back to the animal’s profile for more information.

So now that you're an animal expert, find out how much you've learned by playing the entertaining "Guess Who!" game that highlights more than 500 animal facts.

Kids of all ages will be captivated by the World of Animals fascinating array of information, dazzling collection of images and videos, interactive compare and rank tools, and an educational game tha's as fun as it is educational.

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