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Explore topical subjects through World Book content

and rich mulitmedia.



Science Projects

Get helpful ideas on projects for science

fairs and homework assignments.



Cyber Camp

Take a nature walk, visit the craft cabin, or see what

the mindbender monster has in store for you!


Typica Course Study

Typical Course of Study

Dive in to ongoing research into curriculum

requirements and standards.


Making Headlines

Further your understanding of the topics

that are making headlines.


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Test your knowledge on a variety of

subjects with this library of interactive trivia.




World Book Explains

Find the answers you're looking for in this

entertaining video series that features experts

answering questions on high-interest topics.



Activity Sheets

Engage your children in fun topics with printable

activities that are linked to World Book's most popular books and web sites.



Scavenger Hunts

Familiarize yourself with World Book Online by using these activities as your guide.



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World Book's Official
Animal of the Day

What lucky animal is today's Animal of the Day? Learn fascinating animal facts about animals!