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World Book Student


A world of student resources, easy-to understand articles, and built-in research tools.

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Accurate information at your fingertips!

The ever-popular Student—designed for students in elementary and middle school—continues to be the most popular reference website in schools and classrooms everywhere. Optimized for iPads and available anywhere you bring your tablet, this engaging and comprehensive resource houses special features like Behind the Headlines (which uses today’s top new stories and puts them into context for kids), Biography Center (featuring more than 10,000 biographies of important figures), and a built-in Dictionary and Atlas. All of the accurate, authoritative, and trustworthy information you find in The World Book Encyclopedia is available within this online learning environment.

Key Features:

  • Readable content is specially written for elementary and middle-school kids at their level.
  • 40,000 encyclopedia articles and similar resources featuring clear, high-interest content.
  • Lexile® measures on Student's most popular articles.
  • My Research enables users to compile content in individualized accounts.
  • How To Do Research features helps users develop critical information literacy skills.
  • Correlated to Common Core, state, and provincial standards.

Introducing the New Student!

Intuitive Organization

  • A bright, clean layout for easy navigation and discovery.
  • Packed with engaging content in a variety of formats, the reorganized interface will also make it easier to find videos, audio, or related articles in quick navigation tabs including access to tools from anywhere in the article.
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Improved Readability

  • Larger fonts, additional spacing, and bold section headers help to ensure that kids get the most out of every search.
  • A fixed header allows easy access to the handy tools and features in the navigational bar from anywhere on the article page, without having to scroll back up or lose your place. 

Visual Enhancements

  • Stunning “splash” images accompanying each article are designed to capture attention and inspire curiosity, encouraging the user to learn more.
  • Images have an easy-to-use caption activation that can quickly be displayed or hidden to fully enjoy the photo in its entirety. 
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