Christmas in the Ukraine

Travel to the Ukraine and enjoy the rich holiday customs of this beautiful country.

The Christmas season in the Ukraine overflows with meaningful rituals and traditions. It combines the deep faith of the people with ancient pastoral winter observances. From the magical spider legend to St. Nicholas Day festivities, experience and enjoy the holiday stories and customs of this magnificent country with Christmas in the Ukraine.

With Christmas in the Ukraine you will learn about the history of the Ukraine—a story of greatness and oppression. You will learn about the strong, deeply religious people who have kept their cultures and traditions alive through centuries of struggle. You will visit great country of vast open plains and beautiful churches, many of which are considered to be among the finest religious architecture in the world.

In Christmas in the Ukraine you will find the words and music to such Ukrainian Christmas carols as All the Universe Rejoices, the directions to creating such fun as lovely crafts as the adorable spider ornament, and the recipes of traditional holiday dishes of pyrohy (stuffed dumplings), medivnyk (honey cake), and more.

Christmas in the Ukraine vividly captures the richness of the Ukrainian holiday and will add warmth to your family’s Yuletide season.

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