Ignite your child's interest in science!

Who said science books for children can't be fun? Reflecting the popularity of educational comics, World Book introduces its first graphic nonfiction series, Building Blocks of Science.

This book features a whimsical character, Matter, to guide the reader through a key part of the science curriculum for elementary students.

Matter and Its Properties features highly original and humorous comic-style art to draw children into the material. Several spreads are illustrated with photographs to help clarify concepts and part of the elementary science curriculum. The book also includes features typically found in nonfiction books, such as a table of contents, glossary, list of additional print and Internet resources, and an index.

See for yourself why Building Blocks of Science books are called "a must" by School Library Journal!

This colorful, curriculum-oriented book features:

  • Colorful comics-style art that makes learning fun
  • List of additional resources in print and on the Web
  • Instructional approach aligned with today's curriculum standards