Dogs, From Woofs to Wags

Childcraft: Dogs, from Woofs to Wags is a richly illustrated, 208-page volume that introduces children to dogs. The text and illustrations combine to show how dogs came to play an important role in people’s lives, what breeds of dogs there are, and what people need to do to properly take care of their dogs.

Dogs, from Woofs to Wags begins with an explanation of the difference between a “mutt” and a purebred dog. Original drawings and photographs accompany text that describes various dog breeds recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC), the organization that maintains the list of all recognized breeds. From the tiny Bichon Frise that King Henry III of France used to carry around with him in a basket, to German shepherds that found wounded soldiers on the battlefields of World War I, to the slender Saluki—one of the oldest and fastest dog breeds—all are included with details about their history and characteristics. Also included are stories about how dogs first came to live with people, dogs in myths and legends, and “hero dogs” that have rescued people over hundreds of years. A special section describes how various kinds of service dogs—guide dogs, signal dogs, special needs dogs, search-and-rescue dogs, sheepdogs and cattle dogs, and dogs that “act” in the movies—are trained. Another chapter is devoted to taking care of a dog: choosing one; feeding, bathing, and grooming it; housebreaking; and training.

Childcraft Series by World Book

This book about dogs is a supplement to World Book’s Childcraft series books. Each child craft book set focuses on a different topic of interest to children. The Childcraft books can be read by an adult to younger children, enjoyed by older children able to read on their own, and used as reference sources by older children yet. The text is suitable for grades Kindergarten through 5.

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