100 years of The World Book Encyclopedia
1917: View along State Street, Chicago, Illinois, between 1907 and 1920 (Library of Congress)
Inset: J. H. Hanson, shown at the offices of Hanson-Bellows Company, Chicago, Illinois, circa 1915 (WORLD BOOK photo)
1929: Flatbed printing press, Wayside Press, Los Angeles, California, circa 1920 (Miehle-Goss-Dexter, Inc.)
Inset: Dime bank (WORLD BOOK photo by H. R. Lissack)
1933: W. F. Quarrie & Co. exhibit at the Century of Progress Exposition, Chicago, Illinois, 1933. From left: Carmen Jillson, Marguerite Giezentanner, Valborg Sinkler, and Irene Banger (WORLD BOOK photo by William Hayes)
Inset: The first national convention of "World Bookers," in the main dining room of the Medinah Athletic Club (now the InterContinental hotel), Chicago, Illinois, 1933 (WOLD BOOK photo)
1934: The Old Woman in the Shoe from Childcraft, vol. 1 (Poems of Early Childhood), 1949 edition (WORLD BOOK illustration by Janice Holland)
Inset: Little Joe Tunney from Childcraft, vol. 2 (Storytelling and Other Poems), 1949 edition (WORLD BOOK illustration by Mary K. Latham)
1937: A man looks across the River Thames towards Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament, London, England, 1939 (© National Media Museum/Science & Society Picture Library)
Inset: Sir Isaac James Pitman teaches a bedridden girl the alphabet (© Bath Central Library/Bath in Time)
1945: The editorial library at the Quarrie Corporation offices, 35 East Wacker Drive, Chicago, Illinois, circa 1938 (WORLD BOOK photo)
Inset: Marshall Field III, 1941 (Times Pix/HistoricImages)
1947: Mr. and Mrs. Duane Cowin and their seven-year-old daughter, Dorane, first parent purchasers of the 1947 edition of The World Book Encyclopedia at their home in Lansing, Michigan (WORLD BOOK photo by Clair Reid)
Inset: World Book Editor in Chief J. Morris Jones with unidentified employee, circa 1940
1952: Merchandise Mart, Chicago, Illinois, 1946 (Public domain photo)
Inset: Merchandise Mart during construction, Chicago, Illinois, 1930 (Library of Congress)
1959: Close-up of page in Braille (© Jeremy Sale, iStockphoto)
Inset: Volumes of the Braille Edition of The World Book Encyclopedia (Museum of the American Printing House for the Blind/Dressed In Value; licensed under CC by 3.0)
1960: World Book art department, Merchandise Mart, Chicago, Illinois, 1962
Inset: Photographer Theo Bandi prepares to take a color photo of American Gothic by Grant Wood at the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois. Looking on (left to right) are Editor in Chief J. Morris Jones, photo editor Frank Fenner, and Managing Editor Dave Whitney, circa 1958 (WORLD BOOK photo by Rie Gaddis Wehrmann)
1961: Two members of a Hillary Expedition, 1967 (WORLD BOOK photo/Hillary Expedition/World Book Science Service)
Inset: Sir Edmund Hillary donning supposed Yeti scalp, 1961 (Hillary Expedition/WORLD BOOK/Doubleday)
1962: Year in Review illustration from the 1962 Year Book (WORLD BOOK illustration by Clifford L. Birklund)
Inset: Opening spread from Commander Shepard’s Ride article in the 1962 Year Book (NASA/WORLD BOOK)
1966: Students at Garrison Elementary School, Wichita, Kansas, with the 50th Anniversary Edition of The World Book Encyclopedia, 1966 (The Wichita Eagle)
Inset: Cave Spring (1963), oil on masonite painting by Thomas Hart Benton (WORLD BOOK)
1969: Dan Taylor, Jr. prepares for a dive in the submarine Viperfish in Urquhart Bay, Loch Ness, Scotland (Stuart Markson, LNIB/WORLD BOOK photo)
Inset: Dan Taylor, Jr., Roy Mackal, and Harry Reucking confer in front of the submarine Viperfish, 1969 (WORLD BOOK photo/HistoricImages)
1972: Library card catalog, circa 1975 (University of Haifa; licensed under CC by 3.0)
Inset: 1976 World Book advertisement (WORLD BOOK photo)
1977: U.S. President Jimmy Carter at the White House, 1978 (Library of Congress)
Inset: Editors from World Book, along with Time magazine journalist Hugh Sidey, meet with U.S. President Jimmy Carter at the White House, 1977 (WORLD BOOK photo by Steven Hale)
1978: Handshake (© ClassicStock/Masterfile)
Inset: Warren Buffett at the Berkshire Hathaway Annual Shareholders Meeting, Omaha, Nebraska, 2012 (WORLD BOOK photo)
1988: Vintage letterpress (© alice-photo/Shutterstock)
Inset: World Book Modern typeface (From Hermann Zapf and His Design Philosophy; Society of Typographic Arts/Yale University Press)
1990: Computer with floppy disks (© Shaiith/Shutterstock)
Inset: Students using World Book Multimedia Information Finder (WORLD BOOK photo by E. Hartmann)
1998: Student using computer at Lane Technical High School, Chicago, Illinois, 1997 (WORLD BOOK photo by Steven Spicer)
Inset: World Book Online (WORLD BOOK photo)
2000: Sunrise (© Fototrips/Shutterstock)
Inset: The Millennium Edition of The World Book Encyclopedia (WORLD BOOK photo by Tom Evans)
2002: Martin Luther King, Jr. Monument in Washington, D.C. (© M. Dogan, Shutterstock)
Inset: Illustration by Bryan Collier from Trombone Shorty by Troy Andrews (Abrams Books for Young Readers)
2008: Boy using a laptop computer (© Kelly Knox, Stocksy)
Inset: World Book digital products (WORLD BOOK photo)
2012: Offset printing (© Westend61/SuperStock)
Inset: Spinescapes® of The World Book Encyclopedia (WORLD BOOK photo)
2017: Offices of World Book, Chicago, Illinois, 2016 (WORLD BOOK photo by Tom Evans)
Inset: 2017 edition of The World Book Encyclopedia (WORLD BOOK photo)
Epilogue: Lake Tahoe, Sand Harbor, Nevada (© Wally Pacholka, AstroPics.com)
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