Early Peoples: The Maori

Maori People in History and Today

Maori are referred to as the original settlers of New Zealand. It is believed that Maori people first arrived in New Zealand around A.D. 1200. They migrated from islands in what is now central Polynesia. The Polynesians of New Zealand adopted the name Maori in the early 1800's because Maori called themselves tangata maori. Maori shared many religious beliefs and social customs with other Polynesian peoples.

The Maori by World Book provides a discussion of the Maori, including their history, social structure, religion, arts, education and language, sports and games, traditions and customs, as well as the decline and revitalization of the Maori culture. Features of this great history book also include timelines, fact boxes, glossary, list of recommended reading and websites, and index.

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