A Great Set of Books for Students from Kindergarten to Grade 6!

Buy the World Book Discovery Encyclopedia, and our Student Dictionary together!

Sporting an inspiring new binding, World Book’s popular Discovery Encyclopedia is filled with updated content, eye-catching visuals, and information-rich special features. The Discovery Encyclopedia is ideal for introducing important research skills to young readers and visual learners of all ages. Thousands of colorful illustrations, diagrams, and maps enrich articles and special features relevant to school curriculum. This is a great reference set for students, and will make a wonderful addition to your library, school or family collection!

Everything about the World Book Student Dictionary is geared to helping the students learn. The first 20 pages of the dictionary contain in-depth explanations as to how a dictionary is used and how the Student Dictionary is organized. The word entries included in the dictionary were chosen for their usefulness to younger students. Word definitions are written to be simple and clear. The Student Dictionary uses a simplified system of pronunciations that has only a few symbols with phonetic spellings to make learning how to say a word simpler.