World Book’s Documenting History is a 12-volume set that examines important aspects of modern history through a range of historical documents and primary source materials. Among the historical developments featured in this set are the African American struggle for civil rights and the worldwide movement for female suffrage. The volumes include historic documents, such as photos, letters, illustrations, eyewitness accounts, interviews, news reports, radio transcripts, and official documents. The materials are woven into a coherent overview of the topic that brings such historic events as the U.S. Civil War and World War II to life while teaching the importance of primary source research.

The historic events covered by the series include: Australia’s Aboriginal rights movement; the African American civil rights movement; the American Civil War; Canadian independence; the Chinese Revolution; the federation of Australia; the Great Depression of the 1930’s; the movement for independence for India and Pakistan; South Africa’s anti-apartheid movement; the women’s suffrage movement; World War II in Europe; and World War II in the Pacific.

Each volume of Documenting History is a mini-archive of primary historical materials about the topic, and each is a convenient summary of and guide to relevant content for document-based learning. The books have been designed to be a student-friendly, entertaining introduction to primary source research. All spreads include a “Now You Know” review of what the reader has learned. Upper-level vocabulary is defined contextually. World Book’s Documenting History was designed to correlate with standard state and provincial social studies curriculum. Each contains a timeline, list of sources, list of recommended additional resources, and an index.