The Lure of Learning - World Book Encyclopedia 2015!

Through the striking image of bees seeking nourishment from a flower, the SPINESCAPE® design for the World Book Encyclopedia 2015 edition—The Lure of Learning—represents the human desire for knowledge. Bees depend on flowers to provide them with sustenance. So, too, do readers depend on the World Book Encyclopedia to provide them with accurate and authoritative information needed to develop a better understanding of their world. Your family will be lured by the vivid colors and striking detail featured in the World Book Encyclopedia 2015, and their curiosity is sure to be rewarded by the informative and eminently readable content they will discover within the pages of the set.

  • Thousands of new, revised, and expanded articles spanning the subjects of recent and historical events, important world leaders, notable people, scientific discoveries, and pop culture, including
    • Ukraine and Crimea
    • Vladimir Putin, President of Russia
    • Pope Saint John XXIII and Pope Saint John Paul II
    • Activist Julian Assange
    • Entertainers Eminem, Taylor Swift, and Jackie Chan
  • Created with the collaboration of expert contributors, advisers, editors, and researchers to ensure readability, accuracy, and currency
  • More than 25,000 photographs, maps, and illustrations
  • Dozens of QR codes that link to complementary video content

“Foster the joy of learning by adding this extraordinary set of World Book encyclopedias to your library’s reference collection. Everything about these new books is the highest quality – from the impressive roster of more than four thousand contributors and consultants listed in the front matter of Volume 1 to Volume 22’s valuable Research Guide and Index, and everything in between….World Book continues to live up to its lofty standards of excellence. This reviewer believes in life-long learning and highly recommends the purchase of a set of the 2015 encyclopedias for public, school, and home libraries….”

- Jean Elvekrog, Catholic Library World, March 2015

Overall Customer Rating of 7 Reviews:

Love it! Perfect!

I have wanted an actual physical World Book set for my son for so long because I loved having one when I was growing up. This is perfect!

Burton, MI

Put to use right away

I just ordered the 2015 full set as World book had a terrific deal. Even though it is 2017, I feel I can keep the set current with the annual yearbook. Arrived quickly and well packaged. I enjoyed unwrapping each volume and thumbing through as I placed on the bookshelf. The are truly beautiful and look great on the bookshelf!


Great Memories

I have great memories just sitting there reading the 1969 World Book that my parents had when I was a kid. I love seeing all of my boys sitting there reading and enjoying this great set of books. I love the fact how you can find all this info and you as a parent don't have to worry about what they're gonna find on Google. Its a balance, but I like having that sense that they aren't going to stumble into something really bad.


Real Information Instead of Disinformation

<p>Let me start by saying that our background is in library sciences and my husband teaches at a community college. He regularly sees students who do not know a reliable source from propaganda nor do they know how to find information for themselves outside of Google. We wanted more for our kids, so we got them the encyclopedia. Now when they come to us with a question, we ask if they checked the encyclopedia for an answer first. In the last week our daughters have looked up subjects such as bees and Vikings, and given recent headlines, Russia.</p><p>Our reading age children are 7 and 10 and both appreciate the books.</p>

Glendale, Az


<p>I love the World Book. It is so easy to look things up on the Internet to get instant answers to almost anything. However, I love to browse thru the books. I always find interesting things that get my attention and interest. In addition there is the feel of a book in your hands that the Internet can not match.</p>

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