Facts about Extinct and Endangered Animals in the World

Code Red: Animals in Peril is a richly illustrated, 208-page volume that features a variety of animals that have been classified as “threatened” by the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN). The text and illustrations combine to make children aware of animals that have become extinct and those that are considered vulnerable, endangered, or critically endangered.

Part 1: Information about Extinct Animals in the World

Code Red begins with an explanation of how scientists think dinosaurs became extinct. The Childcraft book also discusses the extinction of several other animal species, including Steller’s sea cow, the dodo, the blue buck, and the passenger pigeon. The first chapter also explains how scientists track animals to learn which species are in danger of becoming extinct.

Part 2: Facts about Endangered Animals in the World

Later chapters discuss threatened animals in all parts of the world—Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, South America, and oceans and islands. From the playful chimpanzee to the fierce Komodo dragon, the little-known hairy-nosed wombat to the famous polar bear, each animal is presented in a spread that features a full-page photograph or original drawing and text that explains the animal’s plight. Several stories dramatize the difficulties animals encounter in the modern world, while others describe the efforts of such conservationists as Jane Goodall and Steve Irwin to save them. A final chapter suggests ways children can help endangered animals.

Childcraft Series by World Book:

Code Red: Animals in Peril is a supplement to World Book’s Childcraft series. Each volume focuses on a different topic of interest to children. The books can be read by an adult to younger children, enjoyed by older children able to read on their own, and used as reference sources by older children yet. The text is suitable for grades Kindergarten through 5.