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Cooking and food can be a wondrous adventure, especially with a thorough understanding of the history and origins of food, a grasp of the cultures and environments involved, and an appreciation for those who have played key roles in its development over the years. The Food Encyclopedia is a beautiful hardcover book containing 8,000 entries, with cross-references on foods, wines, beverages, cooking methods and techniques, and biographies of prominent people. Featuring [more than] 500 stunning illustrations and photographs along-side extensive coverage, it is the most comprehensive food reference in the marketplace today. This food encyclopedia will take you on an exploration of the history of food, cooking techniques, tradition, and cultures. Becoming more familiar with terms or discovering the history behind a food or ingredient ensures a well-prepared dish and adds to your pleasure in serving it. For any cook, this authoritative and fascinating food encyclopedia book is an outstanding reference and cookbook companion

Author Information about The Food Encyclopedia Book:

Jacques Rolland, IACP Cookbook Award–winning food editor Carol Sherman
Carol Sherman with other contributors

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Selected as one of the 'Best of Reference 2007' by the New York Public Library. (New York Public Library ( 2007)

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" This book has been organized with two main objectives in mind. Firstly, we encourage browsing. Culinary Literature can be very entertaining, and we hope we've opened the door to an enjoyable journey through the world of food. This food encyclopedia book should be a good read and fun to browse through. Secondly, we've worked hard to make this an excellent reference book, the first you'll turn to when you have a question about food. The answer to specific questions are easy to find and wherever possbile will open the door to further exploration. "

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