This fun nonfiction books set includes seven nonfiction books designed to make reading fun by utilizing a variety of topics that children love! Each paperback volume will excite young learners by focusing on a specific topic like gorillas, brain puzzles or knights and castles!

  • Angry Aardvark to Zealous Zebra: In this book, young children are introduced to the alphabet with a fun twist. Each letter is accompanied by an illustration that prompts a child to imagine other words.
  • Knights and Castles: It wasn't only knights and castles - there were vassals living on their fiefs, nobles comfortable in their manor houses and peasants hard at work in the fields, too! Lower the drawbridge and take an amazing journey through medieval life!
  • Puzzle Me Brain Ticklers: Find fun brain games in this little book! An engaging introduction for children into the world of puzzles that gives their growing brain a workout!
  • Puzzle Me Brain Twisters: Challenge young brains with even more puzzling puzzles! Engaging and humorous brain games will leave young readers with a sense of satisfaction each time they solve a new puzzle!
  • Gorillas and More: Perfect for early readers who love animal pictures books and inquisitive older children who want to learn the fun facts about amazing Gorillas!
  • Hammerheads and More: Kids will be delighted to find out the wild facts about sharks and more!
  • The Secret Files of Professor L. Otto Funn: Dozens of hands-on activities on high-interest topics!
 A package of fake mustaches is included so kids can wear a disguise as they learn!