Illustrated Atlas

World Book's Illustrated Atlas is a great tool to teach your kids about Maps!

From the editors of the World Book Encyclopedia, colorful maps and illustrations make this the ideal atlas for young students acquiring their map-reading and other geography-related skills. This 288-page illustrated atlas includes detailed maps of all seven continents. Hundreds of pictures make it a colorful and fun atlas for kids to learn about the world. World book also has an adult Atlas for older readers among our many reference books!

Key Features

  • Fact boxes with important regional data
  • More than 400 color illustrations packed with interesting details
  • Over 100 full-color and easy-to-read maps that intorduce young students to simple map-reading skills and the basic principles of geography
  • Flags of the world's nations illustrated in color
  • Comprehensive and simple-to-use index
  • "Guides" Sally and Tom introduce children to geopgraphical concepts