Learning Ladders 2

Learning Ladders Book Set 2

Presented by World Book Encyclopedia, this beloved set features beautiful artwork and photographs to capture the interest and imagination of very young children. Learning Ladders includes two curriculum-based, 10-volume sets centered on early childhood nonfiction topics. The Learning Ladders Series is a delightful look at children's favorite topics - each book is filled with the perfect mix of fun, facts, and fiction. Learning Ladders is “highly recommended” by Catholic Library World, which calls the volumes “stunning.” The volumes can be used as read-out-loud for pre-readers or for independent reading by older children. Check out Learning Ladders Book Set 1!

Titles included:

- Animal Babies

- Community Helpers

- Earth’s Features

- Good Food for You

- Nature Patterns

- Nature Places

- Plants Around the World

- Things I Like

- What Living Things Need

- World of Pets

Inside the Learning Ladders Books Set, you will find:

- Questions to answer and things to find

- New words to learn

- Amazing facts

- Puzzles and quizzes to solve

- And a story to share!

Learning Ladders by World Book

The Learning Ladders series is designed to reinforce reading skills and enlarge children’s vocabulary while introducing nonfiction topics. Text appears in large, clear type, and is carefully worded for this young audience. The concepts are supported by illustrations and photographs. The volumes also introduce the features found in textbooks and reference materials, such as a simple table of contents, a resource list for further reading, and an index. Puzzle pages, fun facts, and true/false quizzes appear at the end of each volume.