The Exciting World of Travel! How many different types of transportation can your kids name?

On the Move is part of World Book's Learning Ladders series. Find out about bicycles, ships, cars, buses, helicopters, airplanes, trucks and many other exciting kinds of transportation! This beloved learning library features beautiful artwork and photographs to capture the interest and imagination of very young children. This is great book to take your kids to the exciting world of transportation!

From the makers of the World Book, On the Move tells you about lots of exciting ways to travel in the world. You can find out how cars and trains speed over land, how boats float across water, how airplanes soar through the sky, and more about the world of transportation! Text appears in large, clear type, and is carefully worded for this young audience. The volumes also introduce the features found in textbooks and reference materials, such as a simple table of contents, a resource list for further reading, and an index. Puzzle pages, fun facts, and true/false quizzes appear at the end of each volume.

Learning Ladders by World Book:

The Learning Ladders series is designed to reinforce reading skills and enlarge children’s vocabulary while introducing nonfiction topics. Each volume in this richly visual learning library includes basic lessons tied closely to such early childhood nonfiction topics as animal babies, community helpers, dinosaurs, habitats, landforms, patterns in nature, plants, trucks, weather, and many more. The spreads include introductory text, colorful illustrations with detailed captions, and photographs that show real-world examples of the featured topic.

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