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A Great Dictionary for Young Students!

Everything about the World Book Student Dictionary is geared to helping the students learn. The first 20 pages of the dictionary contain in-depth explanations as to how a dictionary is used and how the Student Dictionary is organized. The word entries included in the dictionary were chosen for their usefulness to younger students. Word definitions are written to be simple and clear. The Student Dictionary uses a simplified system of pronunciations that has only a few symbols with phonetic spellings to make learning how to say a word simpler.

* Interspersed with easily understood dictionary entries are many boxes that hold special information. Some of these boxes contain a Word History feature—for example, a brief paragraph explaining how such words as aardvark or October came into being. Other boxes contain a Language Fact feature that explains how certain words are used, such as the difference in how the words bag and sack are used. The Word Power feature combines prefixes and suffixes with word roots to modify them.

* More than 1,000 color pictures and illustrations aid students in understanding word meaning. For example, an illustration showing both a riding habit and a nun’s habit allows students to see how different the objects named by the same word may be. Many of the photos and illustrations are chosen to be of interest to children, such as pictures of the many dog breeds.

* Exercises in the dictionary help young learners to understand how to alphabetize words and quizzes test readers on word meanings and parts of speech. Tables at the back of the dictionary list the presidents of the United States and the prime ministers of Canada, the 50 U.S. states and their capitals, and the provinces and territories of Canada and their capitals.

* The World Book Student Dictionary is a reference work especially designed to teach and help the young reader learn about words, their pronunciation and definitions.

Key Features

  • Contains more than 11,000 entries and 1,300 full-color illustrations
  • A section packed with word games, riddles, and word derivations
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Excellent reference book

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We purchased the dictionary for our eight years old daughter. Her homework packet has words that often I can't give a definition for. She loves it! Now she doesn't need a computer to Google as much. She especially likes the illustrations, the explanation of how to use World book and the meanings of names in the back of the book. This book is an excellent