The World Book Year Book 2012 is a 512-page record of the year, covering current events and national and international news. Lavishly illustrated, the Year Book 2012 includes more than 400 articles that update such topics as economics, politics, international affairs, medicine and health care, the arts, sports, fashion, and important or interesting trends of the day in 2011. Facts in Brief tables covering the countries of the world record current populations, national leaders, monetary units (and the U.S. dollar equivalents), and import and export statistics.

The "A Year in Brief" section gives a month-by-month listing of the most significant world events of the year 2011. Interspersed through the Year Book 2012 are special reports that offer in-depth examinations and review of important topics. Fully illustrated articles, called Focus On, provide a record of the new car models, Academy Award winners, and weather extremes in 2011. Sports articles such as Baseball, Basketball, Football, Hockey, Horse racing, and Olympics include statistics of the winning teams and championships in 2011. The Deaths section carries obituaries of prominent people who died during 2011. Longer obituaries are placed with the fields of endeavor—for example classical music, literature, or motion pictures—for which a person was known. Another section of the Year Book features biographies of people in the news. This new edition of the World Book Year Book 2012 includes new or revised articles from the famous World Book Encyclopedia 2012 as well.

Included in the 2012 Year Book:

Major Events and News in 2011 Like:

  • The Uprising in Libya that brought down Mu'ammar Qadhafi
  • The Puyehue Volcano Eruption in Chile
  • The Earthquake and Tsunami that ravaged Japan

Special Reports On:

  • Elizabeth Taylor
  • The Story and History of the US Shuttle Program
  • A History of the Middle East

New Topics or Significant Changes to the World Book Encyclopedia including the articles on:

  • Canada
  • Clothing
  • Sudan, South
  • Tornado
  • Zoo

About the World Book Year Book Series:

The Year Book 2012, handsomely bound for a lifetime of use, is your record of the year’s current events and trends. Published since 1921, the World Book Year Book is known as the authoritative reference in the field. In addition to the 2012 Year Book and the annual encyclopedia set, World Book also offers valuable reference books for your home library collection.

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