Secret Files of Professor L. Otto Funn Moustache Bundle

How do different types of rocks form? How were mummies made? How does animation work? How do your vocal cords make sound? Discover the answer to these questions and more in The Secret Files of Professor L. Otto Funn by World Book Bright Connections.

Kids with a 3rd though 5th grade reading level learn about the eccentric Professor L. Otto Funn, who mysteriously disappeared more than half a century ago. Decades later, his secret files were discovered along with his diary, describing his fantastic adventures. On the journey, kids will learn about science, art, and history through 26 fun experiments. Each book includes a pack of six fake moustaches to disguise young scientists as they embark on their mission to solve the mystery of Professor L. Otto Funn!

SKU: 20326
ISBN: 978-0-7166-1324-4
Pages: 160
Volumes: 1
Price: $14.95
    • 160 pages with 8” x 9” trim 

    • Dozens of hands-on activities on high-interest topics

    • Entertaining and easy-to-read sections will keep kids busy for hours
    • Links to videos that support activities
    • Companion fun pack that includes fake mustaches to disguise kids while learning