Take control of the Common Core State Standard with math activities that pique the interest of your kindergartener!

Young learners will deepen understandings and strengthen skills while they join captivating characters to solve problems and pursue adventures. These supplemental activities are also ideal for differentiated instruction. Connections to core standards are listed for each activity, and assessments are provided to measure a child’s strengths and weaknesses in each major skill area. Labels in the upper right/left corners of each activity page identify the standard category supported, and each activity has a corresponding answer key.

Activities support Common Core lessons in:

-Identifying and solving problems

-Abstract and quantitative reasoning

-Modeling problems and solutions

-Counting and cardinality

-Reading, writing, and comparing numbers

-Representing addition and subtraction problems

-Composing and decomposing two-digit numbers

-Understanding addition and subtraction processes

-Solving addition and subtraction word problems

-Foundations for place value

-Identifying and comparing measurable attributes

-Analyzing and comparing shapes by attributes

-Drawing, composing, and building shapes

-Combining shapes to form larger shapes

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