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Personal Earnings Plan

Is there something you would like to buy? Maybe a new smartphone or bicycle? Such items can be expensive! You’ll have to earn and save up your money.




The best way to save for an expensive item is to prepare a personal earnings plan. You can use the worksheet here.

Download and print the worksheet from the materials section.

Prepare a plan for earning extra money to buy something you want.

Make sure to include: the item you want to purchase, the cost of the item, jobs you can do to earn the money needed, an estimate of what can realistically be earned each time you do a job, and how long it will take to earn all the money needed.

Finally, determine how you will avoid the temptation to spend the money earned on something else before you reach your goal.

Make your plan and stick to it! Before you know it, you’ll have earned and saved enough money to buy what you want!