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Building Blocks of Computer Science

Practice your programming skills and test your knowledge with these games and projects based on the Building Blocks of Computer Science series.


Robot Friend

Can you program a robot? In this game, you will pretend to be a programmer and a friend will pretend to be a robot.


Algorithm Origami

Can you follow the steps to make an origami penguin?

Binary decoder

Binary Decoder

Encrypt super-secret messages and decode them with this Binary Decoder.

Cat scratch

Animate Your Name with Scratch

Can you use Scratch to animate your name?


Build a Computer

An important part of building a computer is connecting the internal hardware to the motherboard.

Twin boys

Hardware Memory Game

Can you match all the pairs?

String lights

Make a Circuit

A circuit is a piece of hardware that lets an electric current run through it.

Yes sign

Make a Truth Table

Truth tables show how logic can be used to figure out the truth.


Sort the Animals

In computer programming, a bug is a problem or mistake in the code that keeps the program from working the way it’s supposed to.

Scrambled code

Syntax Scramble

Can you unscramble the syntax in these sentences?