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Building Blocks of Finance

Does money really make the world go round? Discover all the financial essentials in the Building Blocks of Finance series.

Credit Squares

The Credit Game

Help Patricia Profitt get a handle on all of her finances.

Goods or Services

Goods or Services?

Can you tell the differences between a good and a service?

Name That Currency

Name That Currency!

All around the world different countries use different kinds of money.

Personal Earnings Plan

Personal Earnings Plan

So, you want that new smartphone? Keep your eyes on the prize!

Who Pays for That

Who Pays for That?

Who's going to pay for my ice cream cone?

Money Flow

Legends of Learning: Money Flow

Develop your personal finance skills and strategy.

Farm Heroes

Legends of Learning: Farm Heroes

Learn how to save your resources in case something unpredictable happens in the future!