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The Credit Game

Who Pays for That?

People use a wide variety of goods and services every day. Some of those goods and services we pay for ourselves. But others are provided by businesses and even the government. You may purchase some goods or services for your own benefit. Sometimes, goods and services are provided to benefit the whole community.


Download and print directions and the worksheet from the materials section.

Can you tell who pays for those things? Which ones benefit you and which benefit the community?

Read the list of goods and services on the left side of the chart.

Fill in the other columns of the chart by indicating who pays for goods or services in your home and community. Use the following letters:

I = individual

T = taxpayers

Now, indicate who benefits from these goods or services by writing the correct letter in the box. Use the following letters:

I = individual

A = all in the community

Finally, indicate who provides the goods or services in the last column. Use the following letters:

P = private business

G = government