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Chemistry Challenge

Looking for a fun, quick vocabulary game? Look no further! Chemistry Challenge provides a great opportunity to review vocabulary terms, definitions, and concepts related to the Building Blocks of Chemistry. Students will team up to answer a variety of questions centered around key chemistry vocabulary and concepts in this competitive, fun-filled game.


Students will be able to apply what they know about content-specific vocabulary terms to successfully engage in a game with peers.


• Building Blocks of Chemistry books

• Chemistry Challenge Presentation (game)

• A way to track teams’ points (whiteboard, chart paper, etc.)

• Personal whiteboards and markers for recording answers during the game (one per team)


  1. Separate students into teams. We suggest about 4-5 students per team.
  2. Teams will take turns choosing a question from the game board. Click on the question students select to travel to that slide in the presentation.
  3. Every team will have 30 seconds to record their answer on their whiteboard. Consider assigning a scribe for each team or rotating this job.
  4. Click the answer button to reveal the answer. Teams that answer correctly receive the associated number of points. Teams that answer incorrectly receive no penalty. Record the points where students can see them. We highly suggest using this time to review the academic reasoning behind each answer.
  5. Click the game board button to return to the game board and continue with another question until all questions have been played.
  6. Total the points and declare a winner!