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My Spending Priorities

Learning about finances is one thing but being able to apply our knowledge to our real lives is another. Luckily for students, today they will consider their spending priorities and how these might change depending on the situation.

National Standards of Personal Financial Education

Common Core State Standards




Students will be able to rank their spending priorities.

Students will be able to determine which spending choices they would make in different scenarios.

Students will be able to use writing to reflect on their spending priorities, setting a goal for the future.


• Building Blocks of Finance books

• My Spending Priorities Assignment

• Pencils


  1. Download and print the assignment from the materials section.
  2. Today students will engage in three reflection activities. Explain and/or model the directions for each for students.
  3. After students rank their spending priorities, they will move to Part B. Here, they will consider two categories and decide on which category they will most likely spend their money. Remind students there are no right or wrong answers. The goal of this is to reflect on their own spending priorities.
  4. Optional: Pause after completing these two portions to discuss what students have noticed so far. Ask them to reflect, either independently or out loud, on anything that stood out to them, priorities that surprised them, or goals for the future.
  5. Direct students’ attention to Part 3 where they will write to reflect on their spending priorities and goals.
  6. Optional: Consider having students share their reflections and writing. Because this topic is somewhat personal in nature, it might be beneficial for students to share with a peer of choice.