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Vocabulary Bingo

Looking for a fun, quick vocabulary game? Look no further! Vocabulary Bingo provides a great opportunity to review vocabulary terms, definitions, and features. Play just one round or many. Spice it up with new winning bingo combinations such as Four Corners or make connections to math and challenge students to get two parallel bingos before shouting out. Have fun with it!


Students will be able to apply what they know about content-specific vocabulary terms to successfully engage in a game with peers.


• Building Blocks of Finance books

• Copies of the Building Blocks of Finance Bingo boards

• Chips or other manipulatives students can use as markers throughout the game


  1. Download and print bingo boards and the definition list from the materials section.
  2. Have students choose 24 (if using a free space) or 25 (if not) vocabulary terms from the Word List to write in the boxes on their Bingo Board.
  3. Provide chips (or other manipulatives) so students can mark their Bingo Boards.
  4. Read the definitions of the vocabulary words aloud. Have students place a chip on the word that best corresponds to the definition.
  5. When a student has 5 vocabulary words in a row (horizontally, vertically, or diagonally), they yell “Bingo!”
  6. Have the student read out the words that gave them bingo, checking to make sure you read those words off the World List.
  7. Optional: Provide prizes for the winner(s).