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Operations with Decimal Numbers

This activity is designed for students in fifth grade, as well as any students working on strategies for completing operations with decimal numbers. In this review activity, students will create a poster highlighting their favorite strategies for adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing decimal numbers. Students are also provided the opportunity to show how they can employ those strategies to solve a variety of problems involving operations with decimal numbers. Allowing students the opportunity to create their own strategy poster will not only help them take ownership of their learning as mathematicians but will also bring some creativity and fun to your math lesson!

Common Core State Standards


Students will be able to use what they know about place value to determine strategies for adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing decimals.


• Building Blocks of Math: Moving Beyond Foundations series, specifically Decimals

• Large construction paper (or other paper for student posters)

• Independent assignment – Long Distance Cricket Spitting

• Pencils

• Optional: Scratch Paper

Differentiation Considerations:

Consider pulling a small group of students who need some support to complete the independent assignment. It may be best to start on the second page, working with the multiplication and division problems with the students and then sending them to complete the first page on addition and subtraction independently.


  1. 1. Students can work independently or in groups of up to three members to create a one-page poster detailing steps for solving decimal problems using addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

    2. Model how to set up your poster by subdividing it into four sections and labeling them as follows:

    a. Add Decimals

    b. Subtract Decimals

    c. Multiply Decimals

    d. Divide Decimals

  2. 3. Explain to students that they can use bullet points, complete sentences, and pictures on their poster, but each box must contain:

    a. Steps explaining how to solve that type of problem (strategies)

    b. An example problem and solution

    c. Any other information that might be beneficial to remember

  3. 4. After students have completed their posters, they may use them to help them complete the independent assignment, Long Distance Cricket Spitting.