Christmas in the United Kingdom

Why does the city of Oslo, Norway, send a Christmas tree to the city of London? What color was the robe of Britain’s old Father Christmas? What is generally the last thing that British children do before going to bed on Christmas Eve? The exciting, eye-catching pictures and easy-to-read sentences in Christmas in United Kingdom help young readers learn about how people in United Kingdom celebrate Christmas. The book shares special Christmas songs, easy-to-follow Christmas recipes, and Christmas crafts.

World Book’s Christmas Around the World series helps kids with a 6th to 8th grade primary reading level learn about some of the richest Christmas traditions in different countries and regions of the world. Each book teaches kids the highlights of the holiday celebrations in such places as Vienna, Austria; Bethlehem and Jerusalem; and Italy and Vatican City. The books share special songs and easy-to-follow Christmas recipes and crafts that represent a particular country or region. Each book also has a helpful glossary and an index that direct students to the most important terms and topics.

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    • Traditions, foods, music, and crafts of the featured place
    • Easy-to-follow recipes and crafts
    • Words and music for beloved carols