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  • 1915

    World Book, Inc. was founded.
  • 1917

    First issue of The World Book Encyclopedia was issued. The edition consisted of 8 volumes of 6,300 pages.
  • 1932

    Quarrie began the practice of publishing a revised edition every year, a tradition that has continued to present day.
  • 1945

    World Book Encyclopedia became the property of Field Enterprises Inc.
  • 1955

    World Book launched the Classroom Research Program, in which students in many classrooms fill out cards telling what they looked up in World Book.
  • 1972

    Research Guide/index was added to the edition, expanding the set to 22 volumes.
  • 1975

    Metric equivalents were included for virtually all measurements, giving readers measurements in both the inch-pound system and the metric system.
  • 1978

    Scott Fetzer purchased World Book.
  • 1990

    World Book became available in electronic formats, even while it maintained its position as the world's largest-selling print encyclopedia.
  • 1998

    World Book built its first website to offer both print and web subscriptions.
  • 1999

    World Book Online offered to individual and home subscribers.
  • 2011

    World Book launches its World of Animals iPad app.
  • 2013

    World Book offers 22 digital products, many of which are optimized for tablets.

World Book, Inc., based in the vital center of downtown Chicago, Illinois, is a leading publishing company that leverages cutting-edge technology to produce authoritative, trustworthy, and understandable educational and instructional content. Our talented team has a core competency in publishing world-class reference material and other nonfiction content in print and digital forms. Our sales and distribution network covers the United States and Canada, and reaches into every region around the world, making our brand and the value it represents globally recognized.

World Book, Inc. is a thriving company with an aggressive growth strategy supported by our core business in digital and print products for educational and instructional use. We are eager to find talented, ambitious, and energetic candidates to join our team.



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