Fierce Dinosaurs! The Large Theropods

Did you see a rather large dinosaur running this way? He’s about 30 feet long, with a hungry look, big teeth, and many sharp claws—each bigger than a human foot. In Fierce Dinosaurs! The Large Theropods, readers step back into the prehistoric past to gain a wary respect for the predatory Allosaurus and Tyrannosaurus and other fierce, meat-eating dinosaurs that walked—or ran—on two legs. Students will discover their hunting methods and habitats, and learn how scientific knowledge about these dinosaurs has evolved over the centuries.

Colorful and scientifically accurate illustrations paired with intriguing facts will be sure to captivate kids with a primary 3rd - 5th grade reading level. World Book’s four-volume Dinosaurs! series explains the origins and features of more than 100 types of dinosaurs.

ISBN: 978-0-7166-0369-6
Pages: 48
Price: $19.95
    • Numerous exactingly executed illustrations of dinosaurs in action
    • Clear descriptions of the major dinosaur groups and the periods in which they lived
    • Pronunciation keys help kids learn unfamiliar names
    • Fun facts called “FactOsaur” and “DinoBite” highlight unusual characteristics of dinosaurs
    • “Up Close” features explore selected dinosaurs in deep detail
    • Illustrations of newly discovered feathered dinosaurs and exploration of the relationship between dinosaurs and birds

    "This four-volume reference series from World Book is designed with elementary and middle school students in mind. Dinosaurs are a popular topic among children in this age group and the set is designed to attract their attention with full-color illustrations, maps, and sidebars full of fascinating facts. The four volumes are arranged by topic: Armored Dinosaurs! The Ornithischians; Birdlike Dinosaurs! Small Theropods and Prehistoric Birds; Fierce Dinosaurs! The Large Theropods; and Giant Dinosaurs! The Sauropods. The volumes are largely arranged chronologically by time period with some intermingling chapters provided. For example, Fierce Dinosaurs! begins with chapters on the Triassic and Jurassic periods but has intermingling chapters on fossils and how our understanding of dinosaurs has changed over time. For each dinosaur species included there is a full-color illustration; description of their physical design, feeding habits, and habitat; and its role in the food chain. Fun facts are dispersed throughout that explain myths and misunderstandings about certain species, meaning behind names, and interesting facts about a certain species discovery. The publisher has used QR codes and Web links throughout so that users can find out more information using their mobile device or computer. Each volume concludes with information on museums in the United States and abroad as well as additional resources and a volume-specific index.These volumes are sure to be a hit in elementary and middle school libraries. They have many features that will teach young students valuable research skills; especially valuable are the merging of print and online resources to consult for further research. This set is highly recommended."

    American Reference Books Annual

    "This set presents a focused look at specific groups of dinosaurs. The first few pages of each volume provide an introduction with some background on the various time periods of dinosaurs. Each volume then introduces the reader to specific dinosaurs which range from the well-known, like the Stegosaurus and the T-Rex, to the lesser-known like the Sinosauropteryx and the Velociraptor. For each entry, there is an illustration, a brief description, and a pronunciation of the dinosaur’s name. Scattered throughout are up-close descriptions of some dinosaurs which provide more information including details about specific dinosaurs. Some of the entries also include a QR code which leads to additional information. Each volume contains several “dino-bites” which present answers to common questions. The language is easy to understand and the illustrations are clear. A directory of museums with dinosaur collections is included. As popular as dinosaurs are, this set would be a welcome addition." Bibliography. Table of Contents. Index.

    Jo Anna Patton, Media Specialist, Hazel Harvey Peace Elementary School, Fort Worth, Texas. Recommended Library Media Connection