Puzzle Me: Brain Twisters

How did a clever mouse steal the king's treasure? How did the sheriff recognize the good guys among the outlaws? Why are some numbers triangular and other square? Find out the answers with Puzzle Me: Brain Twisters! by World Book Bright Connections. Students with a 3rd to 5th grade primary reading level will love this collection of word puzzles, logic challenges, and riddles. Includes an answer key in case you get stumped!

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SKU: 20609
ISBN: 978-1-6226-7006-2
Price: $4.99
      Engaging and humorous brain games that will leave young readers with a sense of satisfaction each time they solve a new puzzle
    • Includes colorful illustrations that enliven each puzzle
    • A variety of puzzles to suit different types of learners with an solution answer key to each puzzle