• World Book Encyclopedia 2014 - 10040
  • World Book Encyclopedia 2014 - 10040
  • World Book Encyclopedia 2014 - 10040
  • World Book Encyclopedia 2014 - 10040


Originally published in 1917, the World Book Encyclopedia is the best selling print encyclopedia set in the world. The World Book Encyclopedia 2014 presents information in an accessible, usable format that promotes learning. World Book Encyclopedia 2014 is designed to meet the reference needs of students from elementary school through high school and beyond. This informational text can be used by college students for review and reinforcement and also serves as a great family reference source. The encyclopedia you loved as a kid is now available for you and your family with accurate, up to date articles, vivid photographs, and beautiful maps and graphs.

Though many among us are in the thrall of the latest whiz-bang electronic information-retrieval technology, a “technology gap” can limit our access to reliable, understandable information in many places in this country and elsewhere in the world. Our annual edition helps to bridge that gap. Check out some numbers about World Book Encyclopedia 2014:

  • This outstanding reference books engages more than 4,000 scholars and experts as contributors, reviewers, and consultants
  • More than 25,000 rich photographs and illustrations combine with the text to deliver additional information and promote visual learning for students
  • The 22-volume World Book Encyclopedia set includes thousands of articles covering all fields of learning

Why Buy the 2014 World Book Encyclopedia?

  • Currency

A systematic and intensive revision program helps to keep the content fresh and reliable.

  • Authority

Articles are authored or critically reviewed by knowledgeable contributors versed in current research and trends.

  • Readability

Articles are carefully crafted to ensure that World Book meets the student where the student meets the subject.

Vibrant World of Facts:

The SPINESCAPE design for the 2014 edition- Vibrant World of Facts- represents, through the image of layers of colorful fabric, the beauty of discovery of the rich tapestry that is the world of knowledge. An important part of learning is the recognition that individual facts acquire relevance and meaning when they are understood to be part of a larger whole. The World Book Encyclopedia as a comprehensive, general reference work, presents and places in context information that spans all areas of knowledge, enabling users to explore a broad spectrum of facts and uncover the nature of their relationships.

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"WORLD BOOK has always been the most appealing to our students because it is reader friendly, has beautiful photos/illustrations, and does not have over-the-top graphics."

- Anna-Marie B.
Chicago, IL

Your library users won’t need to ask for directions to the reference section if you own a set of The World Book Encyclopedia 2014! The gorgeous “spinescape” on the books reflects a vibrant red-orange tapestry and boldly beckons all researchers. The new cover design represents, according to World Book’s marketing materials, “the recognition that individual facts acquire relevance and meaning when they are understood to be part of a larger whole.” World Book has always been the core encyclopedia for public, school, and home libraries. When searching for facts, it’s where users can effortlessly find reliable and current information. All material in the 2014 edition has been reviewed to reflect accuracy and authenticity by expert scholars and researchers. In keeping with their outstanding reputation, the publishers included more than twenty-five thousand up-to-date, full-color illustrations, images, and photographs which complement the articles, along with a distinct font, and durable, highquality paper. The print edition conveniently provides data and related articles anytime, anywhere. QR codes have been added so smartphone users can effortlessly access further content to dozens of topics. Volume 22 consists of the highly-regarded research guide, plus an 850-page index of entries containing cross references to all articles in the first twenty-one books. The World Book Encyclopedia 2014 is a must-have for all public and home libraries. In addition, elementary, middle, and high school libraries should own at least one set. Highly recommended for ages six through adult. -Jean Elvekrog, Catholic Library World, March 2014

First published in 1917 in eight volumes, this esteemed and enduring reference is now in 22 volumes. The ongoing revision process means that a new edition is published each year featuring thousands of updated pages throughout. Intended primarily as a reference for students in elementary through high school, this encyclopedia serves also as an accessible and authoritative first stop for college students and general readers. The level of writing in the articles is geared to curriculum; that is, the writing corresponds to the level of students most likely to need information on a particular topic. Pages are well designed, illustrations are clear and carefully selected, and book production values are the highest. Ringgold, ProtoView (formerly Reference Research and Book News) – March 2014