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World Book Encyclopedia 2015

Through the striking image of bees seeking nourishment from a flower, the 2015 edition SPINESCAPE® represents human curiosity and our desire for knowledge.

The World Book Encyclopedia, 2015, is a general A-Z look-up source in 22 hard-cover volumes full of accurate and trustworthy facts. Whether you are proving a point during a dinner-table discussion or making sure of a fact for a homework assignment, answers are here! Tens of thousands of index entries make it easy for you to find information wherever it is in the set. Abundant colorful photos, diagrams, charts, tables, and maps supplement the easy-to-read text. Along with the 17,000 articles is useful advice about studying and report writing for elementary through intermediate grades students.

Which South American countries were liberated by Simón Bolivar? What kind of animal is a uakari? Julia Gillard was prime minister of which country? How many kinds of trout are there in North America? Is an entrechat something to eat? School-age readers (ages 9-18) to adults: Bring your questions to The World Book Encyclopedia for answers!

SKU: 10041
ISBN: 978-0-7166-0115-9
Pages: 14,000+ pages
Volumes: 22
Retail: $799.00
Price: $399.00
Save: $400.00 (50.1%)
  • Over 1,000 new and revised articles including: Anzac Day, Bugs Bunny, Dreamtime, Eminem, Giant kangaroo, Little Rock Nine, Taylor Swift, and Warsaw ghetto
  • Recent outcomes of national elections around the world
  • Updates to tables of winners of prizes and awards, including Nobels, Pulitzers, and various literary awards
  • More than 25,000 photographs, maps and illustrations
  • Created with the collaboration of expert contributors, advisers, editors, and researchers to ensure readability, accuracy, and currency
  • Dozens of QR codes that link to complementary video content

“Foster the joy of learning by adding this extraordinary set of World Book encyclopedias to your library’s reference collection. Everything about these new books is the highest quality – from the impressive roster of more than four thousand contributors and consultants listed in the front matter of Volume 1 to Volume 22’s valuable Research Guide and Index, and everything in between….World Book continues to live up to its lofty standards of excellence. This reviewer believes in life-long learning and highly recommends the purchase of a set of the 2015 encyclopedias for public, school, and home libraries….”

- Jean Elvekrog, Catholic Library World