Middle Grades World History

Bring history to life with this workbook for students in grades 6-8! Explore some of the greatest triumphs, tragedies, surprises, and changes in U.S. history. A glossary, timeline, and reading check assessment reinforce important information.

What is your first reaction to the term “back to basics”? Unfortunately, many students and teachers immediately think of unimaginative workbooks and dull, dry questions and answers. Whether this image is triggered by actual memory or by popular hearsay, it can become a myth laid to rest with the Basic Not Boring series. Each book presents a carefully researched skills sequence and features exercises based on age-appropriate, high-interest themes developed by a team of experienced educators to make basic, fundamental skills exciting and achievable. The exercises introduce new skills, review and reinforce skills and content, and encourage use of higher-order thinking skills. The Basic Not Boring books will empower students to master skills and concepts needed to move successfully and enthusiastically into the next level of lifelong learning.

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