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  • The Ancient World spread
  • Studying mathematics spread
  • Baroque and Islamic architecture spread

A Timeline of...

From papyrus to computers, from mud and brick to steel and glass, each of the eight volumes in World Book's A Timeline Of series traces the history of some of humanity's greatest achievements. Designed for young readers, these richly illustrated books feature graphical timelines and curious facts following developments in communication, medicine, space research, and much more.

Books in Series

  • Adobe Shelters to Steel Skyscrapers: A Timeline of Building
  • Counting Pebbles to Writing Code: A Timeline of Mathematics and Computers
  • Foraging to Supermarkets: A Timeline of Food
  • Hieroglyphics to Hypertext: A Timeline of the Written Word
  • Leeches to Lasers: A Timeline of Medicine
  • Smoke Signals to Smartphones: A Timeline of Long-Distance Communication
  • Stargazing to Space Travel: A Timeline of Space Exploration
  • Wooden Spears to Military Drones: A Timeline of Warfare

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Pages: 40
Volumes: 8
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    • Reinforces classroom instruction to help readers visualize the arc of history and understand individual events
    • Breaks down complicated developments into manageable pieces while graphically showing interdependencies and continuity and teaching the logistics of time