This series reveals little-known history and promotes discussion about our diverse society by highlighting the lives of men and women who acted heroically for their country even as they were discriminated against.

  • Opens cause-and-effect discussions about diversity and discrimination.
  • Meets NCSS standards.
  • Infographics, primary source photos,leveled text.
  • High-interest content pulls kids in.
  • Easy-to-read text keeps them there.

About BOLT

BOLT encourages a wide variety of students, including reluctant readers, by providing them with books featuring appealing topics and carefully prepared text. Innovative infographics and attention-commanding photography draw in young readers, and accessible, leveled text helps even the most challenged readers understand the material and enjoy the reading experience. This strong image/text integration aids in comprehension and complements classroom instruction, helping each and every student reach his or her learning potential!


All-American Fighting Forces

Awful, Disgusting Parasites

Béisbol! Latino Heroes of Major League Baseball

Football’s All-Time Greats

Gearhead Garage

Invasive Species Takeover

Rank It!

Strange... But True?

Wild Animal Kingdom

Women Who Rock

American Indian Code Talkers

Buffalo Soldiers

Go For Broke Regiment

Harlem Hellfighters

Tuskegee Airmen