Why do reptiles bask in the sun? Which lizards have tongues that are longer than their bodies? What kind of snake can eat animals as large as deer? Reptiles provides students an introduction to reptiles and their physical qualities. Brave readers will undertake a journey to study the life cycle and behaviors of these fork-tongued, cold-blooded enigmas. The volume’s special features include diagrams, fun facts, glossary, resource list, and index.

How do animals hunt, escape, and communicate? And how do scientists distinguish one animal group from another? World Book’s acclaimed Animal Lives series introduces the main animal groups to students with a primary reading level of grades 3 to 5 and teaches them basic principles of scientific classification.

SKU: AL907
ISBN: 978-0-7166-0408-2
Pages: 48
Volumes: 1
Price: $19.95
    • Text is sectioned to help students master materials quickly
    • Encourages comprehension and an understanding of the animals, their classes, and characteristics
    • Include diagrams, fun facts, glossary, resource list, and index
    • Supports STEM instruction for elementary and middle grades students

    "From cover to cover of each book, this seven-volume set is a fascinating read full of interesting facts and beautiful photography. It is a great value and an excellent introduction for young readers to the world of animals. This is a set of books parents will want to share with their children and librarians will want to have on the shelf. Although the series is classified as juvenile literature, all age groups will enjoy the beauty and variety of animals displayed on each page."

    - Science Books and Film (AAAS)

    “This set would be useful in school libraries as well as the children's section of public libraries. Parents homeschooling their children would find it particularly useful.”

    American Reference Books Annual 2010 Editor’s Choice

    “Covering much of the animal kingdom with exquisite color photographs, this set is a useful resource for independent research.”

    Library Media Connection

    "This is not your average set of animal reference books....All in all, the books are educational, yet a lot of fun."

    Catholic Library World