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Count like an Egyptian

Ancient Egyptians used symbols (or hieroglyphics) to represent numbers in the ones, tens, hundreds, thousands, ten thousands, and hundred thousands. Use this guide to write like an Egyptian – no papyrus leaf required!

Whirlwind Quiz

​Do you know the difference between a tropical storm and tropical disturbance? What’s the difference between a hurricane and tropical depression?

Hurricane safety

Hurricane season is about to start in the Atlantic and the Northeast Pacific – are you ready? Use these World Book tips to stay safe!

Combat Summer Brain Drain!

According to a study by Dr. Harris Cooper, professor of psychology at the University of Missouri-Columbia, kids lose one to three months of learning over the summer.

Little Known Tree Facts

In celebration of Parks and Recreation month, here are some facts about trees in the United States that we bet you didn’t know! 1. Long-leaf pines can survive forest fires, which used to occur...