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It takes a diverse and talented team to conceive, design, build, deliver, and support the latest and greatest print and digital educational and reference products.

There’s something special about knowing your hard work and talents are bringing educational content to life for millions of people across the world.


For nearly a century, we’ve been in the business of helping families, schools, and libraries across the world discover content that is not only accurate and trustworthy, but readable too. And the fact is, we're doing it better than ever.

You may know about World Book thanks to our renowned encyclopedia. But if that’s all you know about World Book, we invite you to read on and explore.

We continue to create new and innovative content discovery platforms that bring learning to life, including eBooks, iPad Apps, immersive websites, and a robust and ever-expanding collection of print series that align with the latest educational trends.

We build bridges connecting our users to greater learning through proven content creation methods, cutting-edge delivery systems, and an inextinguishable passion for knowledge.

With a finger on the pulse of the latest technological advances, we will continue integrating, connecting, and delivering top-quality content whenever, wherever, and however you want it.

Because whether you’re peering into the pages of a beloved book or uncovering new ideas with the tap of your finger, we leave the door to information open, ready for discovery.


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