Christmas in the Philippines

Learn about the Christmas Traditions and Customs of the Philippines
World Book’s Christmas in the Philippines is a richly illustrated, 80-page volume about Christmas traditions in the Philippines. The text and illustrations combine to show how people celebrate a favorite Filipino holiday, from its roots in pagan rituals to its continued relevance in modern times.

How is Christmas celebrated in the Philippines?
The Philippines includes more than 7,000 islands and covers an area of about 116,000 square miles. Christianity, a very important part of Filipino culture, was brought to the Philippines by the Spanish colonizers in the 1500's. The Philippines is the only Asian country where Christians predominate; the majority of its people are Roman Catholic. Christmas, therefore, is an extremely important holiday in Philippines.

Christmas in the Philippines begins with descriptions of the ways that people prepare for the holiday in their homes and in their cities. The book introduces the nine-day pre-Christmas celebration called Simbang Gabi, depicts how streets and homes are decorated, and describes the delectable foods families savor as part of the traditional Filipino celebration of Christmas. From home-made Christmas trees to shopping in special Christmas markets, setting up the belen (Nativity scene), and unique customs specific to Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, Christmas in the Philippines captures the spirit of the holiday in this tropical island nation. Also included are details about other Filipino holidays that are celebrated at this time: Holy Innocents’ Day, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, and Three Kings’ Day.

Christmas Around the World Series:
Christmas in the Philippines is a part of World Book’s Christmas Around the World series. Each volume includes detailed recipes for traditional Christmas foods, illustrated instructions for traditional national crafts, and words and music to beloved carols. The text is suitable for all grade levels.

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