Common Core Math Grade 8

This collection of motivating and fun activities is aligned with eighth grade Common Core Standards for Mathematical Practice. It’s perfect for reinforcing specific skills in students with varying skill levels. Engaging activities make learning more fun! Easy-to-read tables clearly define each standard and are paired with supporting content.

These math and language arts activity books are full of engaging puzzles, stories, and adventures to explore as students practice skills that are aligned with the Common Core State Standards. These supplemental activities are perfect for reinforcing specific skills that may be difficult for some students to master

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ISBN: 978-1-6295-0239-7
Pages: 144
Volumes: 1
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    • Operations with fractions and integers
    • Equivalent expressions
    • Solving and representing inequalities
    • Geometric figures and the relationships between them
    • Random sampling to draw inferences
    • Answer key is included